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Company History

Founded in 1909, gunkel owes its increasing success to its roots in municipal power supplies for the villages of Buching and Trauchgau (known today as Halblech).

Starting with electrical installations in residential houses and businesses, gunkel became a highly competent, international provider of engineering, procurement and construction, installation, manufacturing and maintenance services for electrical systems.

Its expertise comprises grid connection, medium and low-voltage systems and distribution as well as instrumentation and control technologies.

The family business has already reached its fourth generation. The team of experienced experts and continuous investments make the company a sustainable partner.

With a quality system certified to ISO 9001, gunkel has a strong focus on efficient turnkey solutions for the industrial sector and regenerative power engineering.

With this basis, the company is set to continue in POWERING YOUR NEEDS.

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  • 1909
    German Gunkel founds a mechanical workshop in Trauchgau mainly as locksmith’s shop, repair center for agricultural machinery and transmissions in the region of Fuessen. Later he moves into bicycle and motorcycle retail.
  • 1919
    When the municipalities of Buching and Trauchgau merge, German Gunkel takes over technical support of the local medium voltage power grid.
  • 1950
    German gunkel passes his electrical business on to his son, Josef G. Gunkel. The company expands, mainly through electrical installation projects and the maintenance of the local medium voltage grid.
  • 1954
    elektro-gunkel moves into a new building in Trauchgau.
  • 1960
    A double garage is extended to accommodate company vehicles.
  • 1985
    Josef Benedikt Gunkel, a qualified engineer, takes over the company, which now expands into switchgear engineering as well as industry and project work. Switchgear manufacturing, instrumentation and control systems as well as EPC for MV and LV Systems moved into the focus.
  • 1994
    The premises are extended to accommodate engineering and design offices, a warehouse and a test room.
  • 1994
    The company receives its first foreign contract to provide electrical equipment for a hydroelectric power station in Malawi, south-eastern Africa.
  • 1997
    New premises accommodate switchgear manufacturing in Halblech as well as a warehouse and logistics center – all in preparation for foreign contracts.
  • 2000
    The company builds a new cable warehouse and an underground garage to accommodate vehicles, trailers, hoisting platforms and technical equipment.
  • 2002
    New premises are built in Halblech above the new underground garage alongside the Switchgear Manufacturing Workshop. Light Design Studio, Administration, Engineering and Design Offices, Installation Workshop and Warehouse for the electrical installation and Project Administration will be hosted in this facility in the future.
  • 2003
    Administration, Engineering, Electrical Installation and Warehouse move into the new building.
  • 2003
    The LightDesign Studio, led by Gabriele Gunkel, moves into the prominent building.
  • 2006
    David Gunkel starts his studies of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich.
  • 2009
    gunkel celebrates its 100-years anniversary.
  • 2015
    David Gunkel joins the company’s management.